Cinderella would have never lost that slipper.

Having a wedding planner or coordinator is more important than most couples realize. The problem is, they don't realize how important it actually is until it's too late. Take myself for example. When I got married on Cape Ann, I was used to planning and coordinating things for a living - attention to detail was something I needed to hang my hat on. Understandably, I felt capable of managing one of the most personal days of my life, well, personally. And while there were no MAJOR catastrophes (thank you weather fairies and kind family volunteers), I didn't have the ability to put trust in a professional who was working for us (not who is first loyal to a venue - as wonderful as on-site coordinators can be). Weddings come at an expense; and regardless of what that number is, the relatively minor investment in peace of mind is immeasurable. To have someone who is 100% focused on the bride and groom and all the moving parts of their wedding celebration is a luxury that all couples can afford; they just have to choose to let someone else handle the stress and the worry that is inevitably coming around the corner. It only comes around once - so why not enjoy as much of it as you can? If I were around, Cinderella would have never lost that glass slipper...I would have been there waiting to scoop it up and put it back on her fairytale foot.

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