Social media on the big day

We all know social media is everywhere and cannot be denied. But whether or not to embrace it at weddings is a debate that leaves many brides and grooms in vastly different camps. Yes, social media is becoming more acceptable in more places, but how would you feel about tweets during the ceremony? Facebook updates during speeches? DJs announcing custom hashtags for guests' Instagram photos? This debate has been recently sparked by the W Hotel's recent offering of a "social media concierge": an a la carte addition to its wedding package to the tune of ::choke:: $3,000. Will this package also come with a gifted iPhone made of gold, you ask? Not likely. What you DO get for that whopping price tag is someone to tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, blog, and even "curate registry wish lists and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards." Hmmmm. Is the social media documentary of your big day the modern-day photo album? Or just an obnoxious waste of money? You be the judge. And whatever your feelings may be, the subject of social media and how it is - or isn't - addressed is a conversation worth having with your wedding planner.