To Transport or Not to Transport…that is the question

Transportation is a toughie. It generally is on a couple’s list in the beginning stages of planning, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty and cost (you mean we have to pay them to just SIT there for 4 hours???) alternate options become more tolerable. Most couples want transportation for two reasons: 1 – convenience for guests and 2 – to release worry/liability of drinking and driving. If you just can’t swallow shelling out cold hard cash for an entire night’s transport, some alternate options:

·      Transport one way. If your guests’ hotels are in close proximity to the reception venue, and said venue is in a populated area with cabs/Ubers, you could consider transporting one way – from hotel to ceremony to reception, if two separate locales, or from hotel to ceremony/reception venue. Just be sure to let guests know in advance and provide cab info (i.e. on your wedding website, in a welcome basket, etc.) and give local cab companies the heads up so they’ll have plenty of drivers at-the-ready.

·      Consider alternate means of transportation. Have your heart set on that fancy shuttle service with the neon lights and kicked-up stereo system? Let me be the one to break it to you – at the end of the day, that doesn’t really matter all that much. What does is that you have reliable, safe transportation that gets guests where they need to be on time. So instead of a souped-up shuttle or vintage trolley, consider a school bus or multi-passenger vans – which can be kitchy and fun in its own way.

·      Forego all together. Consider how many guests will be driving themselves anyway, will come in groups or have access to rental cars. Also consider what the parking situation is like at the reception venue. (And in truth, also consider how likely your guests are to imbibe to excess.) When you add all this up it may simply not be worth your while to provide transport. Whatever you decide, give yourself a pat on the back for considering your guests’ comfort.