Awesome wedding photos you'll want to have

I always tell my brides and grooms that the only elements they'll have left over after their day is done are their wedding bands and their photographs. Tips for choosing a photographer is another blog entry for another time. In the meantime, below are some fun, unique and all-around awesome ideas to ask your photog (ahead of time) to capture. You'll be glad you did!

  1. The bride looking at her dress before stepping into it. Trust me, the look in her eyes will be worth a thousand words.
  2. Capture the floral bouquets / boutonnieres in a unique way- have bridesmaids hold them (or groomsmen wear them) and take a mid-section artsy shot showing off their couture as well.
  3. A fun, kooky bridesmaids shot. After the obligatory smile/snap, go for goofy glory. I speak from personal experience on this one - my fav shot with my girls was a funny one where their individual personalities shined. Ditto that for the dudes.
  4. A cool engagement ring / wedding band shot. Most photographers have this one down pat, but incorporating your rings in a neat way that has to do with the design of your wedding is a fun detail shot to have.
  5. Get that groom. This one is a particular note to couples who may only have one photographer at their ceremony. While all eyes are on the bride as she makes her way down the aisle, we can't forget about our groom. The look on his face will be priceless, and the photo will be one his bride loves forever. 
  6. The details. All that DIY work that you (or others) are slaving over? Tell your photographer. Any fun surprises or unexpected elements planned? Tell your photographer. A special signature cocktail? Tell your photographer. Escort or table name cards meaningful to you and your partner? Tell your photographer. You get my point...any of those wonderful details that will make your day unique you want to be sure you get captured. Your photographer will appreciate the heads up as well.
  7.  First dance frenzy. During the first dance, your photographer should be busy as a bee. Of course getting gorgeous shots of the happy couple, but some gems come from those looking on. Parents, grandparents, close friends...brides and grooms don't see this as they're dancing, but they're so sweet and touching to view afterwards.
  8. Get dancing shots early on. Seasoned photographers know this, but as the reception goes on and the bar gets busier, the dancing shots get, well, generally less flattering. Early in the reception is prime-time for dancing shots. Generally the floor is a good mix of ages and ranges, and guests have spent less time at the open bar.