DIY Advice You Won't Want to Miss!

As a wedding planner living on the North Shore, I see local inspiration everywhere - and love me some good DIY fun. I always tell my couples that a great measure of success is when wedding guests leave your wedding saying, "That really felt like Melissa and Jason" or they talk specifically about the cool unique touches that are a special nod to the bride or groom's personality.

However, Do-It-Yourselfing is always the answer for everything - below are some tips I've learned over the years.  

  • Think realistically about how much you're willing to take on. Really think about that cool element you're doing - think through all the steps it will take from start to finish - and then decide if you want to move forward and give the time it will take.
  • Pace yourself. Having a dozen DIY projects is generally a good recipe for a stressed out bride-to-be...and that's not fun for anyone involved.
  • Price out projects. Sometimes when it comes down to money spent, the cost-benefit analysis may lead you to just pay to outsource...or modify your idea.
  • Consider your timeline. Don't load yourself up with DIY projects in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Cool stuff you can do a million months in advance? Awesome. Timely initiatives where you won't get the info or materials you need until just before the big day? Consider carefully.
  • Ask for help. You may not want to be heat thermographing 1,000 starfish onto escort cards by yourself, or scouring the beaches for driftwood only to discover you can't fit it all in your car. Involve your partner, your 'maids, your family - and as a bonus they'll feel more connected to the wedding day having put in some good sweat equity. 
  • Expect imperfection. While quality control is important, don't obsess over making everything perfect - your DIY projects come from a place of love and will be appreciated for the effort and work you put into them.