Why hire Twin Lights Wedding Design as your wedding planner? It's this simple:

  1. It will save you money. Yes, that's right. Hiring a professional will provide insight and guidance that you don't already have that will save you cashola in the long run. Melissa has done the ins and outs, as well as her own DIY wedding, and knows the tricks of the trade. Plus, with full planning services, you leave the negotiations to someone else - which often means more money in your pocket!

  2. You only do this once. You and your spouse-to-be will spend countless hours and a good chunk of cash on making your day be right for you. So why do you want to be worrying about anything the weekend? Investing in someone to handle all of the details, make sure everything happens on time and to your liking, and ensuring your vendors are present and on top of their game is invaluable.
  3. It's like an insurance policy. No matter how organized and pre-planned you are (or aren't!), the weekend of your wedding is chaos and sprinkled with unexpected surprises - do yourselves the favor of taking the stress out of those last-minute occurrences and let someone else (enter: Twin Lights Wedding Design) manage that for you. One of the best - and most often received - compliments I get from couples is that they don't know what they would have done without us. In other words - you won't regret it - promise.
  4. Take yourself out of the middle. Trust me on this one. Being able to say "Here's Melissa's info - call her" or "ask Melissa" is a blessing you'll be thankful for more than once. 
  5. We're in this together. We will work very closely with one another. From the get-go, we will meet in person, over Skype, and on the phone as many times as you would like. We will develop a plan for your day and tweak as necessary making changes until we're satisfied. We are here for clients 24/7 and you have direct access always, anytime, for any reason.